Cupcake Girls
Individual Regular Cupcake: $2.75  |   Individual Mini Cupcake: $1.50
6 regular cupcakes: $16.50    |    12 regular cupcakes: $28    |    12 mini cupcakes: $18

Delivery within 80903 and 80907 $8
Delivery outside of 80903, 80907 and all military bases please call for rates.
Minimum of 1 regular dozen or 2 mini dozen required for delivery.

Gluten Free Regular Cupcake $3.00  |   Gluten Free Mini Cupcake $1.75
Gluten Free Regular Dozen $33.00  |   Gluten Free Mini Dozen $21.00
All gluten free orders must be placed 48 hours in advance.
  • "Nicht Deitsch" NEW!

    A chocolate cupcake smeared with a luscious caramel, toasted pecan & coconut spread, topped with a chocolate ganache frosting.
    "Georgia On My Mind" (seasonal)

    A peachy cupcake frosted with a subtle ginger butter cream.
    "Lulu Lemonade" (seasonal)

    A summery pink lemonade cupcake frosted with a pink lemonade butter cream & adorned with colorful sprinkles.

    "Strawberry Fields"

    A floral strawberry & hibiscus cupcake topped with a sweet strawberry butter cream.

    A decadent chocolate cupcake with a decadent whipped chocolate frosting.

    "Ciao Bella"

    A Tiramisu inspired cupcake infused with Kailua & coffee, topped with an airy whip cream & cream cheese frosting & dusted with coca powder.

    Perfect Little Pumpkin" (seasonal)

    A charming pumpkin and chocolate chip cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting then lightly dusted with chopped pistachio nuts.

    "Say Cream Cheese" (available gluten free)

    A sinfully delicious cheesecake cupcake twice baked with a graham cracker crust and topped with a light sour cream glaze, fresh berries, and a drizzle of chocolate.
    "The Boston"

    A savory corn cupcake baked with Sam Adams Angry Orchid & Brie, topped with an apple & pear balsamic reduction.

    "Pretty In Pink"

    A pretty pink velvet cupcake topped with pink creamcheese frosting finished off with a chocolate covered pomegranate.
    "'Tis The Season" (seasonal)

    A seasonal fruit infused cupcake topped with a rich white chocolate ganache frosting.

    "Rhu-Bea's Garden" (seasonal)

    A spring favorite strawberry and rhubarb cupcake with a crumble crust and topped with a smooth strawberry rhubarb buttercream, garnished with a fresh strawberry.

    "Get Your Greens"
    A zesty zucchini lover's cupcake topped with a declicious lemon cream cheese frosting.

    A sweet maple syrup, brown sugar & bourbon cupcake topped with a silky maple & bourbon butter cream.

  • "Snicker-Doodle-Do"

    A Snickers inspired chocolate cupcake frosted with a crunchy peanut & caramel butter cream.
    "Cherry On Top"

    A vanilla cupcake filled with a homemade hot fudge, topped with a whipped cream cheese frosting & finished with a hot fudge drizzle.

    An original green tea cupcake infused with a seasonal fruit of our choice & topped with a silky green tea butter cream.

    "CoCo Chanel"

    A chi chi coconut cupcake topped with a luscious cream cheese frosting & dressed with shredded coconut.
    "C Is For Cookie"

    A kiddo & adult favorite chocolate Oreo cupcake with an Oreo butter cream, topped with a generous chunk of Oreo cookie.

    "The Hostess With The Mostest"

    A rich chocolate cupcake filled with whip cream & cream cheese, topped with a chocolate whip cream & cream cheese frosting.

    "Coffeee Talk"

    A fresh vanilla bean cupcake baked with a hint of bailey's irish cream liquor, frosted with a bailey's and coffee buttercream, then topped off with a chocolate covered espresso bean.

    "Serve With Champagne"

    An indulgent chocolate cupcake infused with fresh raspberry juice, topped with a rich whipped chocolate frosting & completed with a fresh raspberry.
    "Twig & Berries" (seasonal)

    A wholesome fig & fresh pomegranate cupcake topped with a pomegranate infused cream cheese frosting.

    "ET Phone Home"

    A rich peanut butter & chocolate cupcake topped with a peanut butter cream cheese frosting.
    "Everything's Coming Up Roses"

    A delicate rose water & honey cupcake frosted with a hint of honey buttercream & dusted with honey powder.


    A classic vanilla bean cupcake adorned with a pearl.

    "Allez Bananes"

    Go bananas with a unique Nutella cupcake topped with a Nutella cream cheese frosting & adorned with a crunchy banana chip.
  • "Under The Tuscan Sun" (seasonal)

    A Limoncello cupcake filled with a homemade raspberry & Limoncello jam, topped with a luxurious Limoncello whip cream & cream cheese frosting.
    "Nuttin' Honey"

    A nutty honey almond cupcake & honey almond butter cream.

    A classic chocolate cupcake frosted with a vanilla bean butter cream & adorned with a Hershey's Kiss.

    "Poppin Bottles"

    A mimosa inspired blackberry & champagne cupcake topped with a delightful blackberry & champagne butter cream.
    "Miss American Pie"

    A fall favorite Granny Smith apple pie cupcake frosted with an apple butter cream & dusted delicately with cinnamon.

    "Spumoni Me"

    A nutty pistachio cupcake frosted with a pistachio & hint of cherry butter cream.

    "SoSo Sweet & Salty" (available gluten free)

    A decadent chocolate cake filled with a rich SoSo good caramel, frosted with a salted caramel butter cream & lightly sprinkled with French Fleur de Sel.

    "Berrylicious" (seasonal)

    A fluffy vanilla and almond cupcake baked with fresh blueberries, topped with an almond butter cream, then garnished with fresh blueberries and slivered almonds.
    "What's Up Doc"

    A traditional carrot & cinnamon cupcake topped with a vanilla cream cheese frosting.

    "S'more Please"

    A scrumptious chocolate cupcake baked on a graham cracker crust, filled with marshmallow cream cheese, then topped with s'more marshmallow cream cheese frosting and garnished with s'more crumbled graham cracker crust.
    "Peppermint Ali" (seasonal)

    A crisp chocolate peppermint cupcake frosted with an airy chocolate peppermint ganache frosting.

    "Baby Cakes"

    A luscious lemon and lavender cupcake topped with a sensational lemon and lavender buttercream frosting.
    "The Dude"

    A White Russian inspired Kahlua & cream cupcake topped with a luxurious whip cream & cream cheese frosting.